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Extend your automation experience with wide range of Add-Ons
  • Multi Branch / Warehouse
  • By default H-Office application packs support only one branch / warehouse, if you are having more than one branch and want to implement the system for them, in case you will have to subscribe for this add-on.
  • Multi Company
  • If you have more than one company / group company structure, it could be implemented in the system by activating the Multi Company add-on.
  • Multi Currency & Multi Time Zone
  • If you are dealing in more than one currency or you have an overseas user, you will require this add-on to manage currency and time.
  • Tally Integration
  • H-Office XRM & ERP packs could be integrated with Tally ERP system, there are three variants of this add-on we offer based upon the user requirement you can select the Tally integration variant.
  • Projects
  • Create project milestones, todos, todo list and task and invite outside stack holder to communicate and update on projects with the help of this add-on.
  • Auto Task Workflow
  • Create a workflow task with multiple sub task, their due dates, assignee designation and weigtage per sub task with Auto Task workflow add-on.
  • AMC Contracts
  • If you want to manage service contracts or product warranties you may go for this add-on module.
  • Multi Invoice
  • Create one click multiple invoices of specified criteria is for saving time by implementing this add-on.
  • Client Portal
  • Client portal has several variants for different purposes such as client support login, e-commerce & payment gateway, event booking etc.
  • Events
  • Event is an add-on useful for event planning, budgeting, event booking planning,co-ordination, event wise expense analysis and more…
  • Custom Bill of Material
  • The companies who creates custom BOQ items for most of their orders the custom BOQ add-on is an exclusive and complete solution for such business verticals.
  • Membership & Subscriptions
  • If you are an organization who wants to manage members and their subscription related processes, this add-on will serve your purpose.
  • IVRS & CTI
  • This is a custom add-on which could be configured for requirements such as, click to call, calls recording, predictive dialler, call escalation and more…
  • Biometric Integration
  • This plug-in will show you attendance logs of check in check out and other attendance related logs.
  • SMS & Email Currency
  • If you want to send SMS and Bulk Email, you will need to purchase the currency from team H-Office.
  • Web Space
  • At any point of time if you have a need of additional space, you can upgrade your storage by purchasing additional space.
  • Mobile Apps
  • H-Office offers and customizes various mobile apps for different platforms and purpose; you can get in touch with H-Office team if you are looking to get a mobile app.
  • Incoming Emails
  • By activating this add-on, you will be able to integrate incoming emails of all your team with CRM system which you can link with contacts and activities such as task, support request, lead etc.


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